NSN’s new production, the programme “Xef Marín”, lands on 3CAT screens

NSN, together with MonMedia, has been in charge of the production of the programme “Xef Marín” by influencer Arnau Marín, which has premiered on 3CAT’s EVA platform.

We landed on 3CAT’s EVA platform and we did it with the programme “Xef Marín”. NSN has been in charge of the production and execution of these episodes that bring together the influencer Arnau Marín with other professional colleagues while they talk about their careers and share the same scenario: the kitchen. Marín, who until now shared his recipes on social networks, will cook alongside other influencers to discover their culinary skills in 15 episodes that will be released every two weeks. In the first, he shares an apron with the influencer, singer and tiktoker, Mar Lucas.

The programme “Xef Marín” premiered this Sunday 25 February on the Catalan content platform, 3CAT. Arnau Marín will try to prove throughout these chapters that he is the one who cooks the recipes he publishes on social networks, where he already has 446k followers on Instagram and 195k on TikTok. At NSN we have carried out the pre-production, production, shooting and post-production of these episodes together with the audiovisual production company, MonMedia.

From NSN we celebrate the arrival of “Xef Marín” to the screens, after the effort made by the whole team. Through this production, we inaugurate a 2024 full of very diverse audiovisual content, in which sport and entertainment will come together to blur all the boundaries that separate them.

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