About us

Mavericks. Disruptives. Troublemakers. Lateral Thinkers. Brave. Insurgent and shameless. That's how we are.

A team 100% committed to top class work, done from an innovative mindset.

Our story

Between Kobe & Barcelona

A winning team with more than 25 years in the industry.

Joel Borràs

President & Co-Founder

Andrés Iniesta


Carlos Rodés


Emilio Rabasa

America Director & Co-Founder

Judith Rubinat

Brands Director

Pol Rodríguez

COO & Co-Founder

Berta Xena


Alfredo Iturriaga

Strategic Marketing Director

Our footprint
We are global. We are where you are.

Our Values


We are aware that our work has an impact, so we take 100% responsibility for our part.


We believe that to pursue dreams, change, self-improvement, and personal growth is fundamental. We are demanding with ourselves and restless.


Embracing differences whatever they may be, enriching people’s lives by learning from different cultures and perspectives.


To be self-critical of everything we do, to reflect on what we can do to change and continue improving whilst respecting the work and opinions of others.

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