NSN organizes a draft in Japan together with WomanGoal to promote women’s football

NSN has joined forces with the WomanGoal team to plan and manage a sporting event aimed at strengthening female talent in the world of football.

NSN is proud to announce that the draft we organized alongside WomanGoal last Saturday, April 6th, at the Noevir Kobe Stadium in Japan was a huge success. Our team poured their efforts into this project hand in hand with the first international platform created to promote women’s football. The event saw a total of 90 registrants with an abundance of young talent, and WomanGoal selected some of them to offer them the opportunity to participate in the final international draft. There, the best players from all countries will converge, and the most talented ones will be identified to provide them with the opportunity to access European and Spanish women’s football.

We participated, together with the WomanGoal team, in the integral planning and execution of the event, managing logistical operations to ensure that the coaches of the project, coming from Spain, could enjoy themselves without any worries. We also were in charge of the audiovisual and photographic content for their social networks, website, and future documentary material.

At NSN we welcome projects like this one, which aim to promote women’s football and take it to the level it deserves. In a historically masculine world like this sport, we firmly find it is necessary to promote the space and voice that women have traditionally been relegated from. We are therefore proud to collaborate with WomanGoal, a pioneering company specializing in talent recruitment, training, asset creation, and business building for women’s football globally.

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