NSN combines motor and music with the celebration of the first edition of MotoGP™ Beats Lights Out Gala

NSN, hand in hand with our partner Dorna Sports, has conceptualized and organized in Valencia the MotoGP™ Beats Lights Out Gala with the participation of all champions of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Championship and Spanish artist Ana Mena, winner of the Best Spanish Artist 2023 award by Los40 Music Awards. An innovative and groundbreaking event that opened to the public, for the first time, the doors to the awards ceremony.

The first edition of the MotoGP™ BEATS Lights Out Gala was the golden brunch to this season’s MotoGP™, Moto2™, and Moto3™ World Championship. It is a bet made by NSN with Dorna to modernize the awards ceremony and open it to the fans. From this year onwards, motor fanatics will have access to a unique experience, not only as spectators of the awards gala but also as participants of a concert with renowned artists.

All winners of the MotoGP™, Moto2™, and Moto3™ World Championship went to the red carpet, where we could also see Spanish rider Marc Márquez, and former stars like Valentino Rossi. The athletes were joined by influencers like Melodie Peñalver, Tatiana Kaer, and Rocío Camacho, and socialités like Victoria Federica, who enjoyed an exclusive evening with 6000 other attendees.

From NSN, we want to thank everyone who joined us in Valencia to be a first-row spectator of the fusion between music and motor. We want to extend our thanks to our partner Dorna Sports for their collaboration, and we are looking forward to collaborating in future events that will surely be as exciting as this one.

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