Huge success in an unforgettable match between El Salvador and Inter Miami organized by NSN

Leo Messi’s team and the Salvadoran national team played against each other in a friendly match that resulted in 0-0, and attracted thousands of people that wanted to see the world champion.

NSN has successfully arranged a match between Inter Miami and the National Team of El Salvador, in collaboration with Meta Show Entertainment. El Salvador faced Messi’s team, resulting in a final score of 0-0. The day became one of the most thrilling experiences at the Cuscatlán Stadium in San Salvador, with a capacity of 45,000 people, and this time it was filled to create a memorable night.

The team led by Messi played for the first time in Central America as part of their international tour. The Argentine number 10 only played the first half of the match, just like his teammates Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and Luis Suárez, who made his debut with Inter Miami for the first time. This was a significant event for Messi, marking the first match of the Argentine’s second season in Miami, following his debut in July and playing a total of 14 games. For the Salvadoran national team, this was another challenge in their goal to return to the World Cup in 2026, 44 years after their first and only participation.

From NSN, we are delighted to have carried out such an unforgettable friendly match in collaboration with Meta Show Entertainment. By merging sports and entertainment, we have succeeded in taking the world of football beyond and bringing together two very different teams pursuing the same goal: giving their all on the field.

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