Estopa triumphs in Lima in an incredible show organized by NSN

NSN brought the Muñoz brothers, from the Estopa duo, to perform in Lima after 20 years without singing in Peru

At NSN, we are delighted to announce that the Estopa concert we organized in Peru was a complete success. The legendary Spanish duo, known for songs like ‘La Raja de Tu Falda’ or ‘Como Camarón’, performed on Wednesday, April 24th, at the Costa 21 venue in Lima. The Muñoz brothers kicked off their 25th-anniversary tour in Caracas just a few days earlier, and the Peruvian capital was their third stop, where the audience welcomed them with open arms.

With pre-sale tickets sold out in just five days, it was expected that the event would be a triumph, but all expectations were surpassed. Estopa had not performed in Peru for over 20 years, so their fans were lining up early to see them live. It was a spectacle that lived up to expectations, with popular songs from the band and a very enthusiastic audience.

At NSN, we celebrate being able to be part of a project of this magnitude. Bringing Estopa to Peru has not only meant overcoming the barrier of borders but has also represented an achievement for what the brothers mean in the music industry. Estopa is a reference in the international market, and we are very proud to have been able to accompany them on such a special tour, both in the organization of the event and in the management of logistics by our venture Bianco.

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