We land on the Kings League Americas hand in hand with Jero Freixas and Muchachos FC

Our friend Jero Freixas is the president of Muchachos FC, a club in the Kings League Américas, and we at NSN will be in charge of the management and deals of the team.

In January 2024 the recently announced Kings League Américas will start, with 12 teams competing following the same competition format of the current Kings League. Last October 25th, the names of the teams and their presidents were announced, with the highlight of our friend Jero Freixas as president of the club Muchachos FC.

At NSN, we are linked to the club giving form and structure to the project, and being in charge of the commercial area of the club, from the search for sponsors to the activation of the deals. We will also be in charge of supporting other commercial opportunities that arise throughout the year, besides being the link between the president and the league’s governing bodies. As digital strategy experts, NSN also created and now manages the club’s social platforms, besides being in charge of their social media strategy and creating content for the different media.

Committed to the combination of sports and entertainment, we are very excited to see how the league grows and the club gets bigger. This 2024 we will closely follow the development of the Kings League Américas, but always defending the colors of Muchachos FC.

¡Let ‘s go, Muchachos! 

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