Legendary victory for kickboxer Superlek Kiatmookao in an incredible fight arranged by NSN

Tokyo hosted the great battle last Sunday between Thai fighter Superlek Kiatmookao and Japanese competitor Takeru Segawa in the ONE 165 event organized by ONE Championship and Rakuten Ticket

At NSN, we have elevated martial arts to another level by organizing a series of unforgettable fights at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo. Alongside our partners ONE Championship and Rakuten Ticket, we had the pleasure of witnessing the ONE 165 event, where Thai Superlek Kiatmookao and Japanese Takeru Segawa battled for the prestigious Kickboxing flyweight world title this past Sunday in a headline fight.

In the end, Superlek won the fight by unanimous decision and successfully retained the title that makes him a legend. After the combat, Takeru expressed his emotional regret over his defeat: “I wanted to give you all power, but I gave it my all and reached my body’s limits and breaking point. I wanted to win and make everyone proud. I pushed myself like my life depended on it.”

We could also watch other fights like the one between Kade Ruotolo and Tommy Langaker, where the former emerged victorious and was able to win the Grappling Lightweight Title. ONE 165 event gave us a magnificent combat between veterans Shinya Aoky and John Lineker, and fights that showed us the strength and resilience spirit of its fighters. 

At NSN, we are delighted to be part of an event of this magnitude, and in our effort to unite sports and entertainment, we aim to create unique experiences like this one. We are grateful to collaborate with ONE Championship, the world’s largest mixed martial arts organization, and Rakuten Ticket, with whom we have successfully tackled this challenge. The Ariake Arena has witnessed what we are capable of, and we will continue to do so in the future.

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