Andrés Iniesta’s methodology boosts the future Kerala Super League scouting their youngest players

Andrés Iniesta’s methodology arrives in India. At NSN, we have sent four scouts to boost the future Kerala Super League. Our coaches will be training 70 local coaches to power up the young talent scouting and, therefore, increasing the presence of Kerala-born football players on the ISL.

For the next 9 months, the Iniesta Academy coaches will attend over 2500 matches organized by the Kerala Football Association to try out future talent. Besides, Iniesta Academy will also train the selected players, making sure they have great training and projection in the football world, following the Iniesta Academy methodology.

Mathew Joseph, Kerala Super League CEO, states that “Iniesta is one of the world’s greatest footballers, that’s the reason why we chose Iniesta as our scouting partner and as we go forward for the academies which will be set up with Iniesta.”

At NSN, we want to support young football players so they can have a great future as football players, but also as people. That’s why the best will be sent to our international academies to keep up their training and development up close. This commitment to the young Kerala football players is another sample of how NSN supports young talent and future generations through what is part of our DNA: football.

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