Big success on “Bojan: más allá de la sonrisa” premiere night

We presented on Sala Phenomena the latest documentary feature produced by NSN, with the attendance of personalities in the football world and specialized press.

Last November 3rd, we premiered the documentary “Bojan: más allá de la sonrisa” on Sala Phenomena, the latest NSN production with Rakuten TV that goes over the career of the young football player through a session with his psychoanalyst. The documentary narrates Bojan Krkic’s footballing and personal journey and counts on the testimony of people important in his development such as his parents, his educators, sports journalists who followed him, and other football players like Thierry Henry, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or Andrés Iniesta.

The documentary’s premiere was a total success, with the assistance of Bojan Krkic with his family, joined by his psychoanalyst Dr Josep Monseny. FC Barcelona was also present with members of the board like president Joan Laporta, Rafa Márquez, Enric Masip, and the current manager Xavi Hernández.

The place chosen for the premiere of the movie was Sala Phenomena, one of the few theaters in Europe that still has 35mm and 70mm movie projectors, and that has been chosen by directors like Quentin Tarantino or Christopher Nolan to release his films in the best quality. With a capacity of over 400 people, the cinema hung the sold-out sign during the projection.

The NSN team was engaged in such an important release, being in charge of the attendees, welcome cocktail, and press areas organization, with three different photocalls, one of them in collaboration with the gravel bike brand Guava, of which Bojan Krkic is an ambassador and co-founder. At NSN we were also in charge of organizing the press conferences before the projection with specialized newspapers like El Mundo Deportivo or Sport.

After the projection of director Oriol Bosch, a member of the NSN team, documentary, Bodegas Iniesta joined us during the posterior refreshment, providing us with wine for all attendees. The evening was a total success in which we celebrated, once again, the fusion between football and entertainment, organizing an event in which we demonstrated the strength and talent of our team.

Thank you to all the attendees!