We materialize dreams.
Never say never.

About us.

Mavericks. Disruptive. Troublemakers. Lateral Thinkers. Brave. Insurgent and shameless. That 's how we are.

A team 100% committed to top class work, done from an innovative mindset.


Our career:
between Kobe & Barcelona

Never Say Never was born in 2018 in the air space that links Barcelona and Kobe. The signing of Andrés Iniesta for Vissel Kobe was the takeoff platform for the life project of Joel Borràs, Iniesta manager and founder.

NSN is slowly acquiring professionals from different fields and areas in order to grow and expand its business lines until it becomes a global sports business company. One that is transversal and multidisciplinary, one that works in the different areas of entertainment.

From being the manager of athletes to the intermediation in operations; from Barcelona to Kobe, stopping in Mexico City, Madrid and Seoul; from services as an agency to consulting; from audiovisual contents to the artistic creation, from the Mikakus sneakers business to joint-ventures, like LeaderB2B or Sports&Travel. From Sports&Life to NSN Group.


Our story:
Between Kobe & Barcelona


Our story:
Between Kobe & Barcelona

We love football and a good show. Entertainment from the screens. Put the best soundtrack to our lives...

But above everything else,
we love to synergize.

Trust us to reach
your objectives.

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