‘Volata Radio’ for Volata

Volata is one of the most important cycling magazines, incorporated into the editorial group Rouleur. In order to keep growing, they trusted NSN to launch a podcast project that maintained the discipline, quality and style of the magazine.


To produce an exclusive podcast for the Volata magazine with a high quality content that follows the magazine’s philosophy, tied to cycling, culture and journalism. This project follows the main objectives of reaching new audiences, brands and markets and offering cycling related multimedia contents.



To create a podcast that reflects Volata’s philosophy, we researched the cycling world. We consulted other cycling podcast formats, such as the Rouleur one, and came up with two main ideas for the chapters of the podcast: one was aimed at chatting casually with relevant cyclists about topics from inside and outside of the competition, and the other focused on reading passages of the magazine. As a result, we could follow the same path as the magazine and the podcast would serve as a promotional tool as well. The podcast is hosted by the journalist Pau Mitjans and is titled VOLATA Radio.


The podcast is distributed through the Volata website and app, as well as major podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, or Ivoox. It also has specific creative features that allow it to be distributed digitally and on social networks.

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