‘Smart Connections’ for CaixaBank

CaixaBank Connect is CaixaBank’s new space aimed at helping entrepreneurs, investors and companies materialize new ideas.


To produce a podcast in order to connect with people from various business backgrounds who stand out for their talent, innovation and experience.
To create another meeting point, on the lines of the new space that CaixaBank has created.



We started a podcast hosted by the journalist David Blay where he talks with Spanish entrepreneurs and young talents about their experiences in innovation and new business. In those 30 to 35 minutes, we connect people that share the intelligence to face business challenges together.


We wanted to offer a new space where talent could gather, so we thought that the dynamic and fresh approach of the podcast, with a varied audience interested in the content and the involved brands, was ideal for CaixaBank Connect.


The podcast is distributed in the CaixaBank Connect podcasts channel. It can be found in the main podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Ivoox and more. It also has specific creative features that allow it to be distributed digitally and on social networks.

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