Live productions.

Rauw Alejandro in concert

Rauw Alejandro was the most listened to artist in Spain in 2021. His song “Todo de ti” was by far the most played song of the year, according to Spotify data.

In the same year, NSN Productions decided to enter the music business. Therefore, it was an obvious decision to produce and organize, in partnership with SFX Events, the concert of the star Puerto Rican singer at Nevada Shopping Center in Granada, Spain.


As the event promoters, NSN organized and coordinated the previous production, the promotion, the ticketing and the bookings of the artist and venue, as well as all the required preparations for the concert: setting up the stage, stands, chairs, bars, lighting, sound system and the security staff.

…and the result? SOLD-OUT! A top-notch production with an audience of 7,000 people, the maximum allowed by COVID sanitary regulations: 4,000 people were seated in chairs in front of the stage and 3,500 in the stands. We also set up a 200 square meters area for VIP Village and brand activation. A stage tailored to the artist. More than ten accredited media outlets. A roaring crowd. And Rauw Alejandro giving us his all.

A real success!

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