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Los secretos de la Roja

“Los secretos de la Roja” is a documentary that, 10 years later, tells the story of the biggest success ever achieved by Spanish football: the South African World Cup. Directed by Eulogio Romero, this film was produced by NSN Productions with Grupo Secuoya and Rakuten Tv.

Runtime 86 minutes
Directed by Eulogio Romero
Screenplay by Marcos López
Produced by Michel Martín (NSN Productions), Grupo Secuoya y Rakuten TV
Release year 2020


The Spanish football national team won the long-awaited first World Cup on the 11th of July 2010. The victory was the triumph of a team, but also of an entire country. Within this successful event there are stories that talk about effort and striving to be better that highlight the characteristics of a team that was destined to become legend. The national team arrived in South Africa with Vicente del Bosque serving as its coach and with the Eurocup 2008 victory still fresh in their minds, but “La Roja” quickly lost trust after losing to Switzerland in their first World Cup match. However, they were able to continue thanks to the high quality football they possessed and their clear objective: to make history.

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