Kyogo Furuhashi

Kyogo Furuhashi is a Japanese football star. Part of the national team, he began to stand out in Vissel Kobe with Andrés Iniesta. In 2020 Kyogo was awarded as the “Revelation J-League player” as he was a key player in the team and the league’s top scorer.

In 2021, a 26-year-old Kyogo came to Europe with NSN’s help. He was signed by the Celtic F.C. in a record operation. Kyogo made history, as he became the most expensive transfer Vissel Kobe ever made and the most expensive transfer from a J-League player to Europe. 2021 was also a year to remember. He scored 25 goals in 3 different teams: Vissel Kobe, Celtic F.C. and the national team. In less than half a year he became an icon in Celtic Park thanks to his goals, assists and world-class football.


He has three titles under his belt: the Scottish League Cup, the Japanese Super Cup and the Emperor’s Cup.


At NSN we have been working with Kyogo Furuhashi since he played for Vissel Kobe. We have seen him grow, and we have helped him both in the development of his sports career, and in the creation of content, personal branding and the management of sponsorships and new opportunities for him.

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