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Iniesta TV to Rakuten

Rakuten is an e-commerce giant and one of the most important and prestigious companies in the world. It is the owner of the Japanese Vissel Kobe, among other clubs, and an official sponsor of FC Barcelona for four seasons. With Andrés Iniesta joining Vissel Kobe in 2018, Rakuten wanted superb content for the biggest signing in the club’s history.


To create an audiovisual communication channel centered around Andrés Iniesta in order to give the Japanese and worldwide fans a closer and more personal relationship with the figure of Andrés.



Iniesta’s arrival in Japan impacted the history of Japanese football. And he wasn’t going to just any team, he was going to play for Vissel Kobe.


With that in mind we decided to create Iniesta TV from scratch with Rakuten’s help. A content platform made to discover Andrés Iniesta’s life environment in a personal and closer view outside football, with everyday life scenes, experiences with Japanese culture, career milestones, meetings with friends, masterclasses…

We decided on short videos always with Andrés Iniesta as the focus to be distributed in the Iniesta TV platform and the Rakuten Sports app, as well as on social networks. Everything made with a closer approach and adapted to current formats.


To develop this idea we worked with two filming crews, one in Barcelona, Spain and one in Kobe, Japan. The result? 60 videos with more than 450 minutes of content, 70 filming days and more than 60 different protagonists.



The contents are 100% digital and distributed on the exclusive world sports platform Rakuten Sports, as well as on the Rakuten Sports app and social networks. The importance of our protagonist and the diversity of his fans were key factors that motivated us to translate and subtitle all content into three languages.

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