‘El Fútbol de Todos’ for CaixaBank

CaixaBank is a leading financial services company in the Spanish market and in innovation, closely tied to the football world thanks to its sponsorship actions of the main first and second division teams of the Spanish league.


To produce a podcast that, taking into account the service that CaixaBank brings to the Spanish football community, made that connection known to the public and connected with the fans and the clients who love football.



Considering the fact that CaixaBank sponsors 16 first division and 14 second division clubs spread around the Spanish territory, we decided to create a weekly program about 20 and 30 minutes long that reviews the most recent football news.


Presented by sports journalists Raül Llimós and Marcos López, the podcast analyzes every match day in detail, interviews football athletes with interesting stories to tell and is nicely concluded with a special guest.


The podcast is distributed in “Disfrutar de la vida”, the podcasts channel of CaixaBank Experience. It can be found in the main podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Ivoox, SoundCloud and more. It also has specific creative features that allow it to be distributed digitally and on social networks.

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