Brahim Díaz

Brahim Díaz is one of the most skilled players worldwide and a very big hope for the present and the future of Spanish football. Young and talented like no other, Manchester City took him from the Málaga youth academy when he started showing his potential and made Brahim debut in the Premier League’s elite at the age of 17. Three seasons later and with a Premier League, a Carabao Cup and a Community Shield under his belt, he signed for Real Madrid.


In Spain, Brahim conquered La Liga and the Supercopa and found his place among one of the best players in Europe to be transferred to a legendary club like AC Milan, in which he qualified for the Champions League.


Ever since the beginning of his career, he was a regular at the national team in every category. In summer 2021, together with NSN, he achieved a new objective: he debuted in the main national team and scored against Lithuania, securing the win.

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