Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta signed for Vissel Kobe in May 2018. After 16 seasons and 32 titles with FC Barcelona, the football player from Castilla-La Mancha chose the Japanese team in order to continue his sports career and keep enjoying his passion.


The 1st of January 2020 he made his own legend larger by winning Vissel Kobe its first title ever, the Emperor Cup, which granted the team a chance to play for the first time in the AFC Champions League. Also in 2020 they won the Japan Super Cup. Both trophies were lifted by Andrés Iniesta as the captain, adding up to 37 total in his career.


In 2021 Iniesta extended his contract with Vissel Kobe until December 2023 and he celebrated it wrapping the best year in the history of the club, which ranked 3rd in the JLeague and qualified again for the AFC Champions League. His legend continues…

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